Will Covid-19 Help To Build One World?

One would easily speculate that a pandemic and one of this magnitude would serve to bring the world together.  However, this is not doing it, just like the 1919 pandemic did not do it, so it is not surprisingly that this pandemic is seemingly tearing the world further apart.

Leadership is a bad word.  Bad from the stand pint that leaders want too much credit for leading.  Big deal, where leadership is only as good as its followers.  When leadership matters is when it listens to the body, where then the lead is propelled forward with great enthusiasm.

Today, federal, state and local governmental leadership refuses to accept that everyone is in this together.  The words are spoken, however the actions divide and categorize to make people separate.  Separatism is not good and not ever been good and why is it so easy for the nation to permit it.

This crisis placed an immediate gap on people with essential and non-essential business enterprises.  Where the heck did this come from?  If there is such a thing then why is there not an essential tax base and then a different non-essential tax based.

If a fast food worker is an essential industry – right up there with medical personnel, then why is there such an enormous pay gap?